To receive aid, including Federal Direct Stafford and PLUS Loans, a student must meet the following eligibility requirements:


Students who have a bachelor's degree are considered independent for Federal Aid eligibility (Stafford and Grad PLUS loans) and are not required to provide parental information.  However, students who want to be considered for College of Medicine need-based loans and scholarships must provide actual financial data for both student and parent(s).  Parents are not required to sign the FAFSA.

*Our Federal School Code is 003329.  The FAFSA can be submitted after January 1st and should be submitted by February 28th for maximum financial assistance consideration.  It is recommended that students and parents, if applicable, complete their taxes prior to completing the FAFSA.  If you cannot provide actual financial data from a completed tax return by February 28th, submit the FAFSA with estimated financial data and make corrections to the FAFSA as soon as actual financial data is available.