Because grants and scholarships are limited, many students must rely on loans to cover at least some portion of medical school costs.  In fact, approximately 90% of Penn State College of Medicine aid recipients borrow educational loans.

The following steps represent borrowing options beginning with the best value and proceeding to other, less favorable loan options based on interest rates, loan terms and conditions, and repayment options.  These loan options may be used alone or in combination with each other.  Select the loan links below for more information about each option.

Loan program awarded to our highest-need students.

Loan program awarded to eligible students based upon financial need determined by student and parental financial data from the FAFSA.

A federal loan program available to all students.

Graduate students who need funding beyond the Stafford or Perkins Loan may want to consider the Graduate PLUS Loan.

For medical students who are ineligible for federal aid- they may need to apply for an alternative loan.

Note: A FAFSA is not required to apply for an alternative loan.