Program Leadership

Barbara Koch

Ms. Koch, Administrator of the MD/PhD Program

Ms. Koch has been the Administrator of the MD/PhD Program since 1995. She has the responsibility of managing the financial aspects of the program along with recruitment, admissions, maintenance of files and records, arranging meetings, and handling all day-to-day activities of the medical and graduate education needs of the MD/PhD students. Ms. Koch is located in close proximity to and works on a daily basis with the Administrator of Graduate Student Affairs, the Director of Student Affairs and all the individuals in the Office of Student Affairs and Admissions involved in admission of medical students as well as all aspects of medical education (preceptorships, clinical rotations, residency selection, etc.). The physical location of the MD/PhD Program Office has markedly enhanced the efficiency and quality of administering the MD/PhD Program in particular as it integrates with the medical education process but, of equal if not greater importance, it provides a "home" for the MD/PhD students during their first two years in the program.