Program Faculty

The graduate faculty of the College of Medicine have attained national and international recognition for excellence in biomedical research. The graduate faculty have been highly successful in obtaining increasing extramural support for their original research activities from the National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, March of Dimes, and other foundations and private organizations. MD/PhD students may choose an advisor from the following selected MD/PhD training faculty listing according to their research interest.

MD/PhD training faculty located at the University Park campus are listed in a separate table below the Hershey campus faculty. Students may need to relocate to the University Park campus if choosing any of these faculty to do their thesis research. The University Park campus faculty enrich the program by expanding the choices of a thesis advisor for the MD/PhD students.


Hershey Faculty  |   University Park Faculty

College of Medicine Faculty at the Hershey Campus

 (by primary department)


Ruiz-Velasco, Victor, PhD

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Broach, James, PhD
Flanagan, John, PhD
Grigoryev, Sergei, PhD
Moldovan, George Lucian, PhD
Tian, Fang, PhD
Yue, Feng, PhD

Cellular & Molecular Physiology

Gill, Donald, PhD
He, Ping, PhD
Jefferson, Leonard, PhD
Kimball, Scot, PhD
Lang, Charles, PhD
Lynch, Christopher, PhD
Stocker, Sean, PhD


Thiboutot, Diane, MD


Kaufman, Marc, PhD
Sinoway, Lawrence, MD


Manni, Andres, MD


Gunther, Edward, MD
Hohl, Raymond, MD, PhD
Holder, Sheldon, MD, PhD
Pu, Jeffrey, MD, PhD
Yee, Nelson, MD, PhD
Zheng, Hong, MD, PhD

Medicine/Infectious Disease

Hafenstein, Susan, PhD
Parent, Leslie, MD


Zheng, Song Guo, MD, PhD

Medicine/Pulmonary, Allergy & Critical Care

Howrylak, Judie, MD, PhD
Ishmael, Faoud, MD, PhD

Microbiology & Immunology

Bogunovic, Milena, MD, PhD
Buchkovich, Nicholas, PhD
Hu, Jianming, MD, PhD
Lukacher, Aron, MD, PhD
Meyers, Craig, PhD
Rahman, Ziaur, MD, PhD
Sample, Jeffery, PhD
Schell, Todd, PhD
Wills, John, PhD

Neural & Behavioral Science

Barnstable, Colin, PhD
Browning, Kirsteen, PhD
Grigson, Patricia, PhD

Hajnal, Andras, PhD
Holmes, Gregory, PhD


Huang, Xuemei, MD, PhD
Stahl, Mark, MD, PhD


Connor, James, PhD

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Phaeton, Rebecca, MD


Sundstrom, Jeffrey, MD, PhD

Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation

Donahue, Henry, PhD


Baccon, Jennifer, MD, PhD
Cheng, Keith, MD, PhD
Christensen, Neil, PhD
DeGraff, David, PhD
Stairs, Douglas, PhD


Dovat, Sinisa, MD, PhD
Wang, Hong-Gang, PhD


Levenson, Robert, PhD
Robertson, Gavin, PhD
Vrana, Kent, PhD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Gater, David, MD, PhD


Bellon, Alfredo, MD, PhD
Bunce, Scot, PhD

Public Health Sciences

Berg, Arthur, PhD
Leslie, Douglas, PhD


Siedlecki, Christopher, PhD