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Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker

Class Year: M2


  • M.D./Ph.D. Program

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Hometown:  Astoria, NY


Undergraduate Education: 
BS/10 Biomedical Engineering; Pre-Medical/Cornell University
MS/11 Biomedical Engineering; Pre-Medical/Cornell University

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McCarthy MM, Tucker S, Nguyen JT, Green DW, Imhauser CW, Cordasco FA (2013)  Contact Stress and Kinematic Analysis of All-Epiphyseal and over-the-top Pediatric Reconstruction Techniques for the Anterior Cruciate Ligament  Am J Sports Med 41(6):1330-9  PMCID:  PMC4041132

Dy CJ, Tucker SM, Kok PL, Hearns KA, Carlson MG (2013) Anatomy of the radial collateral ligament of the index metacarpophalangeal joint J Hand Surg Am 38(1):124-8  PMCID:  (no number)

Dy CJ, Tucker SM, Hearns KA, Carlson MG (2013) Comparison of in vitro motion and stability between techniques for index metacarpophalangeal joint radial collateral ligament reconstruction J Hand Surg Am 38(7):1324-30  PMCID:  PMC3755456

Frendl CM, Tucker SM, Khan NA, Esch MB, Kanduru S, Cao TM, Garcia AJ, King MR, Butcher JT (2014) Endothelial retention and phenotype on carbonized cardiovascular implant surfaces Biomaterials 35(27):7714-23  PMCID:  (no number)

Heyse TJ, Lipman JD, Imhauser CW, Tucker SM, Rajak Y, Westrich GH (2014) Accuracy of Individualized Custom Tibial Cutting Guides in UKA J Hospital for Special Surgery (accepted)

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