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Tulasi Khandan

Class Year: G3



  • M.D./Ph.D. Program


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Hometown:  New Haven, CT



Undergraduate Education:  BS/08 Chemistry/MIT


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Advisor:Thomas Loughran, MD

Graduate Program:Biomedical Sciences



Meeting Presentations:

  • 2008
    American Society of Hematology, San Francisco, CA (poster)




Ivanovska I, Khandan T, Ito T, Orr-Weaver TL (2005) A histone code in meiosis:  the histone kinase, NHK-1 is required for proper chromosomal architecture in Drosophila oocytes Genes Dev 19(21):2571-82 PMID: 16230526  PMCID:  PMC1276731

Kharas MG, Okabe R, Ganis JJ, Gozo M, Khandan T, Paktinat M, Gilliland DG, Gritsman K (2010) Constitutively active AKT depletes hematopoietic stem cells and induces leukemia in mice Blood 115(7):1406-15 PMCID: PMC2826762

Cornejo MG, Mabialah V, Sykes SM, Khandan T, Lo Celso C, Lopez CK, Rivera-Munoz P, Rameau P, Tothova Z, Aster JC, DePinho RA, Scadden DT, Gilliland DG, Mercher T (2011) Crosstalk between NOTCH and AKT signaling during murine megakaryocyte lineage specification Blood 118(5):1264-73  PMCID:  PMC3152494




Tulasi Khandan


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