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Saumya Maru

Saumya Maru

Class Year: M2


  • M.D./Ph.D. Program

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Hometown:  King of Prussia, PA


Undergraduate Education:  BA/10 Biology; Minor Psychology, South Asia Studies/U of Pennsylvania

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Meeting Presentations

  • 2010
    Symposium for Undergraduate Research in Biology, Philadelphia, PA
    Undergraduate Research Sympsium, Philadelphia, PA


Sanborn KB, Rak GD, Maru SY, Demers K, Difeo A, Martignetti JA, Betts MR, Favier R, Banerjee PP, Orange JS (2009) IIA assocites with NK cell lytic granules to enable their interaction with F-actin and function at the immunological synapse J of Immunol 182(11):6969-84

Orange JS, Roy-Ghanta S, Mace EM, Maru SY, Rak GD, Sanborn KB, Fasth A, Saltman R, Paisley A, Monaco-Shawver L, Banerjee PP, Pandy R (2011) IL-2 induces a WAVE2-dependent pathway for actin reorganization that enables WASp-independent human NK cell function J of Clin Investigation 121(4):1535-48

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