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Paul Hsu

Paul Hsu

Class Year: G3


  • M.D./Ph.D. Program

Contact Information:

Biographical Information:

Hometown:  Diamond Bar, CA


Undergraduate Education:  BS/09 Biophysics/UCLA

Research Interests:

Research Interest:  (tba)

Advisor:  Yuguang Shi, PhD

Graduate Program:  Biomedical Sciences

Thesis:  (tba)

Research Description:

Meeting Presentations:

  • 2009
    Science Poster Day 2009: Undergraduate Research Ctr: Ctr. for Academic & Research Excellence, Los Angeles, CA
    Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL
  • 2010
    Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting, Dan Diego, CA
  • 2014
    Penn State College of Medicine Graduate Research Forum, Hershey, PA (poster)


Janczewski WA, Tashima A, Hsu P, Cui Y, Feldman JL (2013) Role of inhibition in respiratory pattern generation J Neurosc 33(13):5454-65  PMCID:  PMC3724454

Hsu P, Liu X, Zhang J, Wang H-G, Ye J-M, Shi Y (2014) Cardiolipin Remodeling by Tafazzin is Selectively Required for the Initiation of Mitophagy Autophagy (accepted)

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