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Olivier Noel

Olivier Noel

Class Year: G3


  • M.D./Ph.D. Program

Contact Information:

Biographical Information:

Hometown:  Springfield Gardens, NY


Undergraduate Education:  BA/11 Biochemistry/CUNY Queens, NY

Research Interests:

Research Interest:  (tba)

Advisor:  James Broach/Glenn Gerhard, PhD

Graduate Program:  Biomedical Sciences

Thesis:  (tba)

Research Description: (tba)

Meeting Presentations:

  • 2010
    Sigma XI Annual Research Day, Flushing, NY (poster)
    AHA Founders Affiliate & Mount Sinai SOM Early Career Research Symposium, NY, NY (poster)
    2010 Mid-Atlantic SDB Meeting, Johns Hopkins U, Baltimore, MD (poster)
    Society of Dvt. Biology 69th Annual Meeting, Alburquerque, NM (poster)
    ABRCMS, Charlotte, NC (oral)
  • 2012
    GSA Research Forum, Hershey, PA (oral)
  • 2014
    National MD/PhD Student Conference, Keystone, CO

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