Program Overview


It is our mission to train superior clinicians with the broad skills and knowledge necessary to be successful physicians, physician scientists and educators in the rapidly changing field of 21st century medicine. Dedicated to compassionate patient-centered care, evidence based practice and life-long learning; our innovative curriculum is designed to provide our residents with an individualized educational experience to achieve their personal and professional career goals.

At the Center of Medical Care in the Region

Our unique location as the only academic medical center in central Pennsylvania makes us the referral center for all the complex medical cases in a wide radius from our home institution. We are able to gain experience working with the diverse pathology seen in our urban, suburban, and rural areas of referral, and our expanding partnerships with local hospitals will only increase this exposure in the future.

A Dedication to Individual Education

Initiated in the 2013-2014 academic year, the Jeffries Educational Mentor and Scholar (JEMS) Program – named in honor of the first Chair in our Department of Medicine, Dr. Graham Jeffries – was developed to support and enhance the selection and professional development of Internal Medicine Residents through the creation of a dedicated group of faculty with advanced skills in medical education and mentorship. Selected JEMS faculty will serve as mentor, focused-educator, and evaluator for three to four residents over the entire course of their medical residency training.  These mentors meet with residents for direct observation of clinical skills, review of self-assessments, discussion of progress in the milestones and entrustable professional activities, feedback to the competency committee on resident progress, career guidance, and participate in re-mediation of residents as needed.

The JEMS program, combined with the comfortable size of our residency, allows for close, direct faculty interaction and ample opportunity to develop rewarding mentoring relationships.

Systems that Work

For the past 3 years, we have successfully implemented a ‘6+2' Block Structure, with residents alternating between 6-weeks of inpatient service and 2-weeks of ambulatory blocks. This gives our residents the opportunity to truly focus on their respective rotations while maintaining continuity of care in the residents' continuity clinics.  We believe the days of residents fracturing their care by leaving their service at least one half-day a week to staff a clinic should be long gone.

During the ambulatory blocks, Internal Medicine resident physicians will develop a panel of patients follow their patients for the duration of their residency, as a true primary provider. Those resident physicians interested in primary care internal medicine may use elective time in the second and third years to focus and refine their primary care skills and fund of knowledge with additional clinic time spend with a dedicated primary care faculty mentor.