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Melanoma Center - Supporting Agencies

The Foreman Foundation
In 1995 the Foreman Foundation was established to raise funds for melanoma skin cancer education and awareness, in memory of John Bruno Jr., who died from the cancer in 1992 at the age of 27.  Melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer, taking one life every hour in the United States.
The mission of the Foreman Foundation is to raise awareness and funds for medical research that will lead to a cure for melanoma, while heightening awareness as to the causes and symptoms of the disease.
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The Mike Geltrude Foundation

Mike Geltrude Foundation, Inc. was established about a month before Mike's passing for the purpose of raising funds for melanoma awareness and research. The genesis of the foundation was Mike's friends feeling it would be appropriate to support him in the same way he had done for so many over the years. Knowing that Mike would not want to be honored, the idea of having a dinner to raise money and awareness became the focus. Mike was pleased by the prospects of hosting a fundraising dinner that would help prevent people from getting melanoma and find a cure for those who already had it. However, he emphasized repeatedly that he would not be supportive of an event that focused on him instead of helping others. Unfortunately, Mike passed before he was able to see the overwhelming response to the foundation that bears his name.

Mark Encin Foundation for Melanoma Research
To honor the spirit of Mark's life, the Mark Encin Foundation for Melanoma Research was founded in October 2006, to find a cure for metastatic melanoma through research, awareness and education, while preserving the legacy of Mark Encin.
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