Annual Symposium

The first Annual Melanoma Mini-symposium was held in 2002. Since then, this event has grown into a premium event hosting world recognized keynote speakers, and attracting researchers clinicians, patients, students and the public at large.

The Mini-symposium also provides outreach to the community through education and increasing awareness about the disease. This event also provides local schools with an opportunity to expose their students to translational science.
The  Fifteenth Annual Mini-symposium on Skin Cancer is scheduled for May 23, 2016.  This year the focus of the mini-symposium is "Melanoma and Aging".  Keynote speaker, Ashani T. Weeraratna, M.D., of the Wistar Institute, will present “A Wnt-er of discontent: Effects of Aging on Melanoma Progression”. 
The mini-symposium is open to the public.
For further details please contact Jennie Adams at 717-531-8285 or