Application Instructions

 To use MRI facilities for your research or clinical trials, the user must fill out the application form and submit it to Dr. Qing X. Yang. For additional information, please contact Dr. Qing X. Yang at, or by phone at 717-531-6069.

Submit a signed original and two sets of copies of the MRI Facility Utilization Form and Abstract of Proposed Research, and all relevant attachments (e.g., IRB consent forms and letter of approval) to the Center for NMR Research (CNMRR) for review by our Protocol Review Committee (PRC). Questions can be directed to the PRC or Center Director via Patti Miller at 717-531-5855 or


  1. The Abstract should clearly and concisely describe Aims & Hypotheses, Background & Significance, and Experimental Plan, and include sufficient detail to allow for evaluation on scientific merit.
  2. Any materials or equipment that an investigator proposes to take into the magnet area must be described in an attachment to the Facility Utilization Form, and approved by the PRC prior to usage.

The Protocol Review Committee (PRC) holds overall responsibility for scientific quality and safety assurances for the project utilizing the Center's resources. The PRC evaluates protocols in terms of scientific merit, feasibility and safety.

Review Process: Following review, each protocol will be considered: (a) approved; (b) approved pending revisions; (c) disapproved; or (d) deferred. Protocols approved pending revision must be resubmitted to the Chair of the PRC, who may approve the revisions without convening the entire PRC. Deferred protocols must be resubmitted to the committee with additional information appended.

Investigator Participation: Investigators may be invited to clarify their protocol to the PRC. Their presence is not required unless requested for PRC meetings.

Following approval by the PRC, investigators will be provided with information on procedures of booking the scanner time for the proposed studies. It is the responsibility of investigators to follow strictly all guidelines established for conducting research in the CNMRR, including the maintenance of logs for all systems, and the filing of screening forms, informed consent forms and exit questionnaires where applicable for human participants.

Acknowledgement in manuscripts of the use of the PSU Center for NMR Research is appreciated.

To download the application form, please click here: (PDF).