Fee Schedule


  1. The charge for the usage of the scanner will be calculated following the reserved time slot on our scanner scheduling system or the time actually used, whichever is larger.
  2. The payment will be due upon receipt of the invoice issued by CNMRR.
  3. In case of cancellations due to unforeseeable events, it is the user's responsibility to notify Center's administrator at least 48 hours in advance to reschedule the study time (For Siemens 3T, please contact Jeff Vesek at (717) 531-0003 ext. 285782, email: jvesek@hmc.psu.edu. For Bruker 7T, please contact Patti Miller at (717) 531-6895, email: pmiller5@hmc.psu.edu). Otherwise, the usage will be charged as scheduled.
  4. In case of the inadequate quality of data collected due to MRI system problems, the scanner charge will be waived.
  5. The Center will not be responsible for the inadequate data quality due to the experimental design, execution of the experiment, subject movement and statistical errors.

** For current Scanner Rates and Data Analysis fee's, please contact our Research Project Manager Jeff Vesek

Data Analysis is not limited to but includes FMRI, DTI, MRS, Volumetric & Morphologic data processes.