Facilities and Resources

MRI Laboratory

The MRI Core Facility and Center for NMR Research (CNMRR) have 6,500 sq. ft. of laboratory space, which includes: biochemical, electronic and surgical suites, and a fully equipped machine shop with a Universal X2-600 computer guided 2 axis laser manufacturing system. The laser cuts, drills, and engraves plastics (delrin, polycarbonate, nylon) to an accuracy of 0.002 inches on a 32" x 18" working surface.


The MRI Core facility has two MRI systems and an EEG MRI-compatible system dedicated for research.

1) 3T Siemens Tim Trio equipped with18-reciever/8-transmit channels, latest hardware and software packages with full clinical capability


2) 7T Biospec 70/20as small animal imaging system.


3) 128-channel high density geodesic portable EEG system capable of full MRI integration. 


Additionally, we have an Esys System for functional MR imaging (fMRI) (Invivo Corp, FL, USA). which includes an LCD visual display, audio system, button response unit and software (E-Prime) for paradigm creation, patient management, protocol planning, precise delivery of brain stimulation, and behavioral analysis. Furthermore, we also have an Agilent E4991A RF Impedance material analyzer, an HP 4195A Network/Specturm Analyzer, an HP 8452A Diode Array Spectrophotometer, an Orion EA920 pH/ion analyzer, balances, a LeCroy 9450A 300 MHz dual digital oscilloscope, 2 analog oscilloscopes, 2 Morris Model 505 RF Sweepers, and an HP 4263A LCR Meter. 



The University Hospital has a complement of 500 beds which is situated on a 550 acre campus. 

Animal Capabilities:

The Animal Resource Facility includes central animal quarters in the Medical Sciences Building, and Animal Research Farm and a large dairy farm. The unit features an experimental surgery area, holding area for most species, and full radiological, histopathological, chemical, and microbiological supports.


The Core Facility includes a 32-processor (3.0 GHz) cluster with 16 GB RAM and 1830 GB RAID storage, 8 Dell multiprocessor workstations with an array of software packages for image processing and electromagnetic field calculations, a large format Mitsubishi dye sublimation printer, and an Opal Digital Slide Maker.


Office space and secretarial support are provided to the faculty by the Department of Radiology, with the support of one current full time secretary.


In addition to the CNMRR's machine shop, the Medical Center is equipped with both machine and electronic shops. Both of those shops are fully available for projects and operate on about a one week turnaround


MRI Systems