Funding and Awards

Financial Assistance

A student may apply for financial assistance through work-study funds through his/her sponsor's support programs, or from a variety of scholarships that are offered each Spring (see Available PSU Awards).

MSR Policy on Doing MSR's Abroad

The same policies and timelines apply to MSRs that are done abroad as for those done at Hershey or else where in the US . Specifically, the student must submit a MSR proposal before leaving the country.  The proposal needs to be signed by the primary advisor and an HMC faculty member who will serve as the student's local advisor.

Note: The MSR Committee points out that to complete data acquisition and reduction for a MSR project while abroad requires a full time commitment to the research project. The Committee supports the concept of students spending time abroad in clinical settings to acquire international perspectives on health care. However, it is very unlikely that a student can do an international clinical rotation and do an MSR project simultaneously. To discuss specific opportunities, please contact Dr. Ira Ropson ( directly.