Penn State Hershey Medicine provides a wide range of medical student education programs in both the pre-clinical and clinical years of training at Penn State College of Medicine.  Please select the appropriate tab for additional information regarding these educational activities:

Updates and Changes

Students returning to Hershey for the second four week block of their clerkship, should report to at 8:00a.m. for Brief Orientation as outlined in the original orientation notification materials. 

All other students should report directly to their assigned affiliate location as instructed.

Notices & Reminders

Medicine Clerkship Rotation Evaluations are sent to your student mailbox approximately mid-rotation (end of first 4-week block).  These evaluations MUST be completed and presented, along with other required documentation as outlined in the Clerkship Handbook, PRIOR to the NBME Subject Exam on the last Friday of the clerkship.

Medicine Clerkship Case of the Month

The overarching educational goal of this assignment is to allow students to engage in scholarly pursuit, an important facet of internal medicine, during the clerkship. 

Projects are reviewed  by key members of the Department of Medicine Educational Team.  Two abstracts from each clerkship block are awarded the title of  "Clerkship Case of the Month".  Students are encouraged to submit their abstract for consideration in other venues, including the Department of Medicine research day, as well as the ACP and SGIM regional meetings and other local, regional, and national meetings.  In addition, during the academic year several monthly winners are asked to present their cases to faculty and house staff at a Department of Medicine Grand Rounds. 

Below is a list of "Case of the Month" winners:

November, 2013

Landis, Zachary and Patel, Vijay:  "Invasion of an Unlikely Host:  Campylobacter Jejuni Bacteremia in an Immunocompetent Patient"

October, 2013

Magister, Marcus:  "Cheilitis Granulomatosa:  Not All Mucosal Swellings Are Angioedema"

September, 2013

Eyvazzadeh, Peter and Stengel, Michael:  "An Oncologic Emergency:  Hypercalcemia Secondary to Malignancy"

August, 2013

Smith, Lindsay:  "An Elusive Cause to Abdominal Pain"

July, 2013

Cook, Lauren:  "Acetaminophen Hepatotoxicity with Undectable Blood Acetaminophen Level"


Fullam, Timoty:  "Acquired Angioedema"  An Uncommon Presentation with an Interesting Link"

May, 2013

Houser, Winona:  "Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia:  An Unfortunate Presentation"

April, 2013

Mukherjee, Sucharita:  "Vancomycin-Induced Drug Rash with Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms Syndrome"

March, 2013

Sylvester, Jillian:   " A Complication of Diffuse Scleroderma in a 44-year-old Smoker"

February, 2013

De Los Reyes, Samantha and Smolcic, Elyse:  "Small Bowel Obstruction Secondary to Malignancy: Surgical Intervention or Medical Palliation?"

January, 2013

Lavin, Shane, Patel, Amar, and Thompson, Alison:  "Recognizing and treating atypicalhemolytic uremic syndrome"

December, 2012

Krecko, Kristina, Roberts, John, and Rush, Kimberly:  "The value of clinical judgment in acute necrotizing pancreatitis"

November, 2012 

Saseun, Christine:  "Cyclic vomiting syndrome in a young adult male"

October, 2012 

Hacken, Brittney and Perone, Michael:  "Management of a retroperitoneal hemorrhage on supra-therapeutic anticoagulation therapy"