Home Hemodialysis

Home hemodialysis is a technique whereby patients and their designated partners are trained to perform the entire dialysis treatment independently at home. Home hemodialysis offers several advantages over conventional in-center dialysis. Quality of life is superior for patients who undergo dialysis in their own home. Control of their own treatments allows home hemodialysis patients to understand their own condition and symptoms more clearly. This also allows them to tailor their dialysis experience to one which is most accommodating to their individual needs. Home hemodialysis allows patients with kidney failure to become integrally involved in the most essential aspect of their health care and to shape the day-to-day quality of their life. Home hemodialysis offers the independence which is otherwise lacking in conventional in-center hemodialysis. Patients no longer need to tolerate delays in treatment start times. They will have the freedom to schedule their treatments at times which are more convenient and will undergo their dialysis treatments in the comfort of their own homes.

Home hemodialysis eliminates the patient's need to commute to the dialysis facility thereby increasing the time available to spend with family, friends, employment and community service.

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