Neurology Grand Rounds 2006-2007, 1:00-2:00 p.m.

Topic Lecturer Title Date Room
The Difficult EEG Richard Brenner, MD Director, EEG Lab
Professor of Neurology, University of Pittsburgh
8/4/06 C5620
The Interventional Neurologist: Chemodenervation, Intrathecal Pumps, DBS, Stem Cells and Gene Therapy for Movement Disorders Thyagarajan Subramanian, MD Professor of Neurology, PSU 8/11/06 C5620
Functional Brain Imaging and Developing Cognition Paul Eslinger, PhD Professor of Neurology, PSU  8/18/06 C5620
  No Grand Rounds   8/25/06 C5620
Driving and Wheelchair services Penn State Therapy Team   9/1/06 C5620
Latest Guidelines for Prevention and Treatment of Stroke and Future Directions Praveen Duhan, MD Neurology Resident, PSU 9/8/06 C5620
Congophilic Cerebral Angiopathy Max Lowden, MD PG2 Neurology Resident 9/15/06 C5620
  No Grand Rounds   9/22/06 C5620
Pediatric Neurology William Trescher, MD Chief of Pediatric Neurology, PSU 9/29/06 C5620
Neuroimaging for Multiple Sclerosis Robert Zivadinov, MD Associate Professor of Neurology, SUNY at Buffalo 10/6/06 C5620
Multiple Sclerosis Gary Thomas, MD Assistant Professor of Neurology, PSU 10/13/06 C5620
Epilepsy Paul McCabe, MD Associate Professor of Neurology, PSU 10/20/06 C5620
Neurology Praveen Duhan, MD PG2 Neurology Resident 10/27/06 C5620
Neuro-critical Care of Stoke Kiwon Lee, MD Director, Neurointensive Care, Thomas Jefferson University 11/3/06 C5620
  No Grand Rounds   11/10/06 C5620
Tumefactive Multiple Sclerosis Richard Tenser, MD Professor of Neurology, PSU 11/17/06 C5620
  No Grand Rounds   11/24/06 C5620


  12/1/06 C5620


  12/8/06 C5620
Stroke Raymond Reichwein, MD Associate Professor of Neurology, PSU 12/15/06 C5620
  No Grand Rounds   12/22/06 C5620
  No Grand Rounds   12/29/06 C5620
Headache Pathophysiology Research and the Bridge to Therapeutics Nabih M. Ramadan, MD Vice President for Clinical and External Affairs, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science 1/5/07 Lecture Room C
Neuro-Muscular Jenice Robinson, MD Assistant Professor of Neurology, PSU 1/12/07 C5620
Basic orthotics and equipment to enhance function in Neurological Disorders David Good, MD Chairman, Neurology, PSU 1/19/07 C5620
Neuro-Muscular Milind Kothari, DO Professor of Neurology, PSU 1/26/07 C5620
Dementia David S. Geldmacher, MD Director, Memory Disorders Program, University of Virginia 2/2/07 C5620
Epilepsy Matthew Eccher, MD Assistant Professor of Neurology, PSU  2/9/07 C5620
Neuro-Ophthalmology William Cantore, MD Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, PSU 2/16/07 C5620
Neurology Research Anthony Turel, MD Assistant Professor of Neurology, PSU 2/23/07 C5620
Genetic and Muscular Dystrophies Eric Hoffman, PhD Director, Research Center for General Medicine, Children's National Medical Center 3/2/07 BMR 1847
Interventional Procedures in Chronic Pain Management Yakov Vorobeychik, MD, PhD Director, Interventional Pain Management; Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, Pain Medicine Division; Assistant Professor of Neurology, Penn State College of Medicine 3/9/07 C5620
Grass Foundation Lecture:  Basal Ganglia and Dystonia, 12-2 PM Mahlon R. DeLong, MD William Timmie Professor and Chairman of the Department of Neurology at the Emory University School of Medicine 3/16/07 Hospital Auditorium
Neurology Mamta Verma, MD PG4 Neurology Resident  3/23/07 C5620
  No Grand Rounds   3/30/07 C5620
TBA Terra Hussar, MD PG4 Neurology Resident  4/6/07 C5620
ALS- An Update Zachary Simmons, MD Professor of Neurology, PSU 4/13/07 C5620
Peer Review of Faculty Teaching Paul Eslinger, PhD Professor of Neurology, PSU  4/20/07 C5620
Neurosurgery James McInerney, MD Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, PSU 4/27/07 C5620
TBA Claire Flaherty-Craig, PhD Assistant Professor of Neurology, PSU 5/4/07 C5620
Neuro-Muscular Kevin Scott, MD Assistant Professor of Neurology, PSU  5/11/07 C5620
Movement Disorders Stanley Fahn, MD Movement Disorders Division Chief and H. Houston Merritt Professor of Neurology, Columbia University Department of Neurology 5/18/07 Lecture Room B
Stroke Ashok Devasenapathy, MD Assistant Professor of Neurology, PSU 5/25/07 C5620
Neurology Daniel Chehebar, DO PG4 Neurology Resident 6/1/07 C5620
ALS James R. Connor, Ph.D. Professor of Neurosurgery
Neural & Behavioral Science and Pediatrics
Vice-Chair of Neurosurgery (Research)
Director, G.M. Leader Family Alzheimer’s Disease Laboratory
Penn State University
6/8/07 C5620
  Cancelled   6/15/07 C5620
Migraine Pathophysiology and Blood Vessels Dr. Marcelo Bigal Assistant Professor of Neurology
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
6/22/07 C5620
Neurology and Nerve Agent Weapons Jonathan Newmark, M.D., FAAN COL, MC, USAR  Chemical Casualty Care Division,
US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD;
Associate Professor of Neurology, USUHS, Bethesda, MD
6/29/07 C5620

Room 1847A-1847B Directions

  • Enter main entrance of hospital
  • Make right - towards college
  • Enter college lobby - make a left
  • Pass cafe / bookstore
  • Enter BMR building
  • Follow this long corridor / pass elevators
  • Make left
  • C1847A-1847B will be on your left

Room C5620 Directions

  • Enter South Lobby
  • Walk north to the "North Elevators"
  • Take the Elevators to the 5th Floor
  • Walk north (toward Rt. 322) and turn left (west)
  • Follow this long corridor to Room C5620 on your right hand side