Neurology Grand Rounds 2007-2008, 1:00-2:00 p.m.

Topic Lecturer Title Date Room
Imaging of Epilepsy Sangam Kanekar, MD, DNB Assistant Professor &, Director MRI for Neuroradiology
Dept of Radiology, Penn State Milton Hershey Medical Center
Penn State College of Medicine
8/3/07 C5620
Movement Disorder Thyagarajan Subramanian, MD Professor of Neurology, PSU 8/10/07 C5620
  TBA   8/17/07 C5620
Clinical Case Conference Nicole Purcell, MD PG3 Neurology Resident   8/24/07 C5620
  No Grand Rounds   8/31/07 C5620
Strategic Immunotherapy for MS

Elliot Frohman, M.D., Ph.D.

Irene Wadel and Robert I. Atha, Jr., Distinguished Chair in Neurology, in Honor of Elliot Frohman, M.D., Ph.D.
Kenney Marie Dixon-Pickens Distinguished Professorship in Multiple Sclerosis Research
9/7/07 C5620
Migraine and Deep Brain Lesions Dr. Marcelo Bigal Assistant Professor of Neurology
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
9/14/07 C5620
Genetic & Neurology Roger L. Ladda, M.D. Professor of Pediatrics, PSU 9/21/07 C5620
Stroke in the Cancer Patient: A Case of Nonbacterial Thrombotic Endocarditis Dr. Jay Dave PG3 Neurology Resident 9/28/07 C5620
Update on Parkinson's Disease and related disorders Dr. Mark Hallett Chief, Human Motor Control Section, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD 10/5/07 C5620
Neuroradiology Michael I. Rothman, MD President, Zoom Imaging 10/12/07 C5620
  No Grand Rounds   10/19/07 C5620
  No Grand Rounds   10/26/07 C5620
Alzheimer's Disease: Research Advances and the Quest for New Therapies Steven T. DeKosky, MD, FAAN Professor and Chair, Department of Neurology
Director, Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
11/2/07 C5620
How Do We Know When Epilepsy Surgery Will Work? Dr. Matthew Eccher Assistant Professor of Neurology , PSU 11/9/07 C5620
Opioid Induced Hyper Algesia Dr. David Giampetro Penn State Department of Anesthesiology, Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Pain Center 11/16/07 C5620
  No Grand Rounds   11/23/07 C5620
Mechanism of Age-Dependent Injury and Novel Treatment Strategies in Neurometabolic Disease Dr. William Zinnanti Penn State Medical Student 11/30/07 C5620
Using MRI to Examine Recovery from Neurotrauma Frank G. Hillary, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology
Penn State University 
12/7/07 C5620
Post Stroke Walking Recovery Pamela Woods Duncan, PhD Professor and Bette Busch Maniscalco Research Fellow, Doctor of Physical Therapy Division 12/14/07 C5620
Incorporating Technology Into Learning Russell C. Scaduto Jr., Ph.D. IT Director of Education Technology
Director of Multimedia Solutions
Associate Professor of Cellular and Molecular Physiology
Penn State University
12/21/07 C5620
  No Grand Rounds   12/28/07 C5620
Professionalism in Medicine Michael Green MD, MS, FACP Associate Professor
Departments of Humanities and Medicine
Penn State College of Medicine
1/04/08 C5620
The Role of Motor Lateralization in Determining Ipsilesional Motor Deficits in Stroke Robert L. Sainburg, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Neurology 1/11/08 C5620
A Blinding Gaze and Optic Neuritis in Evolution William Cantore, M.D. Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, PSU 1/18/08 C5620
Functional Brain Imaging in Healthy Cognitive Development and in Cognitive Disorders Paul Eslinger, Ph. D. Professor of Neurology, PSU 1/25/08 C5620
Engineering Approaches to Rehabilitation of Stroke and other Brain
George F. Wittenberg, M.D., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Neurology
University of Maryland
2/01/08 C5620
Transcranial Sonography in the Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease and Other Movement Disorders Dr. Daniela Berg Hertie Institute for Brain Research, University of Tubingen, Tubingen, Germany 2/08/08 C5620
The Lonely Neurologist Travels in Iraq Dr. Kevin Scott Assistant Professor of Neurology, PSU 2/15/08 C5620
  No Grand Rounds   2/22/08 C5620
Neuronal Cell Membrane Antigens and Paraneoplastic Encephalitis Josep Dalmau, M.D., Ph.D. Associate Professor, Division of Neuro-oncology
The Mahoney Institute of Neurological Sciences
University of Pennsylvania
2/29/08 C1847A-1847B
NPH (normal pressure hydrocephalus) Dr. David Gill Assistant Professor of Neurology, PSU
3/07/08 C5620
How Stem Cells Build the Brain and Why It Matters Dr. Ron McKay Chief of the NINDS Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Porter Neuroscience Research Center, Bethesda, MD 3/14/08 LR A
Neuroradiology in Higher Dimension Dan Nguyen, MD Chief of Neuroradiology, PSU 3/21/08 2702A/B
Beyond the Antibody Panel: A Review of Current Knowledge of the Pathogenesis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome Dr. Jenice Robinson Assistant Professor of Neurology, PSU 3/28/08 2702A/B
Psychiatry Soroush S. Shamimi-Noori, M.D. Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Penn State
4/04/08 2702A/B
Early Intervention in Patients with Suspected Multiple Sclerosis Dr. Guy J. Buckle Assistant Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA 4/11/08 2702A/B
Management of High-Grade Gliomas


Penn State Neurosurgery

4/18/08 2702A/B
New Advancements in the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis Dr. Gary Thomas Assistant Professor of Neurology, PSU 4/25/08 2702A/B
Hospital Management of Refractory Headache Dr. William Young Assistant Professor of Neurology
Thomas Jefferson University
Jefferson Medical College
5/2/08 2702A/B
Cerebrovascular Disease  (9:00 am) Dr. James Toole Professor of Neurology, Wake Forest, Winston-Salem, NC 5/9/08 2702A/B
History of Neurology in America (1:00 pm) Dr. James Toole Professor of Neurology, Wake Forest, Winston-Salem, NC 5/9/08 2702A/B
Multimodal Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approach to Brain Abscess

Kishori Somyreddy, MD

PG3, Neurology Resident

5/16/08 2702A/B
  No Grand Rounds   5/23/08 2702A/B
Pathology of perinatal cerebral hypoxic-ischemic injury Javad Towfighi, M.D. Professor, Department of Pathology
Penn State Milton S. Hershey Center
5/30/08 2702A/B
Huntington's Disease Dr. Francis Walker Professor, Director, Movement Disorders Clinic, Winston-Salem, NC 6/6/08 2702A/B
Multiple Sclerosis Dr. Tony Turel Professor of Neurology, PSU 6/13/08 2702A/B
Split Cord Malformations: A Unifying Embryogenetic Theory and Clinical Outcomes Dr. Mark Dias Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, Vice Chair of Clinical Neurosurgery, Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery, PSU 6/20/08 2702A/B
Cancelled Dr. Pavaree Laiaddee PG3 Neurology Resident 6/27/08 2702A/B

Room 2702A/B Directions

  • Enter East Campus (Building A - at west entrance)
  • Take stairs/elevator to 2nd floor
  • Pass elevators – 2702A/B will be on your left