Neurology Grand Rounds 2009-2010, 1:00-2:00 p.m.

Frontotemporal DementiaBruce L. Miller, MDProfessor of Neurology and A.W. & Mary Margaret Clausen Distinguished Chair, University of California at San Francisco 8/07/092702A/B
Clinical Case ConferenceSean Burke, MDNeurology Resident, PGY4, PSU 8/14/092702A/B
Vanishing White Matter DiseaseSurya Gupta, MDAssistant Professor, Pediatric Neurology, PSU 8/21/092702A/B
Different Forms of Spatial Neglect:  A Treatment QuestionAnna M. Barrett, MDDirector, Stroke Rehabilitation Research, Kessler Rehabilitation Center, Associate Professor of Neurology, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey 8/28/092702A/B
NO GRAND ROUNDS   9/04/092702A/B
A 43 Year Old Woman with TwitchingDavid Gill, MDAssistant Professor, Department of Neurology, PSU 9/11/092702A/B
Addressing Rural-Urban Disparities in Acute Stroke Care:  the AIRDOC Trial ExperienceEnrique Leira, MD, MSAssistant Professor of Neurology, University of Iowa College of Medicine9/18/092702A/B
Epilepsy SurgeryMichael R. Sperling, MDBaldwin Keyes Professor of Neurology, Director, Jefferson Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience9/25/092702A/B
Update on Therapeutics of Parkinson's DiseaseAnthony E. Lang, MD, FRCPCProfessor, University of Toronto, Dept. of Medicine, Director, Morton and Gloria Shulman Movement Disorders Centre, Toronto Western Hospital, Director, Division of Neurology, Jack Clark Chair for Parkinson's Disease Research, University of Toronto10/02/092702A/B
Penn State Bone & Joint InstituteKevin P. Black, MDChairman, Professor and C. McCollister Evarts Chair, Bone & Joint Institute, PSU10/09/092702A/B
Role & Responsibilities of Expert Medical WitnessWilliam Wenner, MDAssociate Professor of Pediatrics, PSU10/16/092702A/B
Multiple SclerosisAndrew D. Goodman, MDProfessor of Neurology, Director, Multiple Sclerosis Center, University of Rochester Medical Center10/23/092702A/B
New Concepts in Understanding the Pathogenesis and Treatment of Multiple SclerosisA.M. Rostami, MD, PhDProfessor and Chairman, Thomas Jefferson University10/30/092702A/B
Update on Ulnar Entrapment Neuropathy at the Elbow:  A Transition from TranspositionKimberly Harbaugh, MDAssociate Professor, Chief, Division of Peripheral Nerve Surgery, Dept. of Neurosurgery, PSU11/06/092702A/B
Use of Spinal Cord Stimulators for Neuropathic PainVitaly Gordin, MDAssoc. Professor of Anesthesiology, Director, Pain Medicine, Medical Director, Spine Center, Co-Director, Pain Medicine Fellowship Program, PSU11/13/092702A/B
Electrophysiological and Network Properties of Basal Ganglia:  Why Should a Clinician Know About This?T. Subramanian, MDProfessor, Departments of Neurology and Neural and Behavioral Science, PSU11/20/092702A/B
  NO GRAND ROUNDS11/27/092702A/B
Genetics in the Neurologist's OfficeStefan Pulst, MDChair and Professor, Department of Neurology, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah12/04/09LECTURE ROOM D
Prevention of Thromboembolism in Circulatory Support DevicesJohn P. Boehmer, MDProfessor of Medicine and Surgery, PSU12/11/092702A/B
Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM)Bhawna Jha, M.D.Neurology Resident, PGY-4, PSU12/18/092702A/B
  NO GRAND ROUNDS12/25/092702A/B
  NO GRAND ROUNDS1/01/102702A/B
Stroke Management:  Why We Are HereRaymond Reichwein, MDAssoc. Professor, Dept. of Neurology, Director of Dept. Stroke Program, Co-Director, PSU Clinical Neuroscience Institute Stroke Program, PSU1/08/102702A/B
Executive Aging and Dementia:  Neural Adaptation with Changing ResourcesPaul Eslinger, PhDProfessor, Departments of Neurology, Neural and Behavioral Health, Pediatrics and Radiology, Director, Clinical Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience Program1/15/102702A/B
Live PatientRichard Tenser, MDProfessor, Department of Neurology, PSU1/22/102702A/B
Can the Opioid System Impact Immune-mediated Disorders Such as MS?Anthony Turel, MDProfessor, Department of Neurology, PSU1/29/102702A/B
Patient Safety for Neurologists - CANCELED (weather)Daniel M. Feinberg, MD, FAANClinical Associate Professor of Neurology, Medical Director of Clinical Informatics, University of Pennsylvania2/05/102702A/B
Minimal Access Laminectomy:  Does the Size of the Incision Matter?G. Timothy Reiter, MDAssistant Professor, Neurosurgery, PSU2/12/102702A/B
Patients at Risk:  Rethinking Acute Blood Pressure ManagementSergio Bergese, MDAssistant Professor, Clinical Anesthesiology, Ohio State University Medical Center2/19/102702A/B
Cognitive Dysfunction in ALSMichael Strong, MD, FRCPCPProfessor & Co-Chair, Dept. of Clinical Neurological Sciences, London, Ontario2/26/102702A/B
Cortical Control of Autonomic FunctionStephen Oppenheimer, MA, DM, DSc(Oxon) FRCP, FACP, FRCPC, FAHA and Philippe Haouzi, MDDirector of Research and CMO, Sentient, Professor, PSU &, Vanderbilt University / Haouzi - Professor, Medicine; PSU3/05/102702A/B
Clinical Case ConferenceElla Popeliansky, MDNeurology Resident, PGY4, PSU3/12/102702A/B
"Atypical" Optic Neuritis?William Cantore, MDAssoc. Professor Ophthalmology & Neurology, PSU3/19/102702A/B
What If It's Not Alzheimer's DiseaseMurray Grossman, MD, Ed.D.Professor, University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine3/26/102702A/B
Paraneoplastic Neuronopathy of the CNSCharles S. Specht, MDAssoc. Professor of Pathology, Ophthalmology, and Neurosurgery, Director, Neuropathology, Anatomic Pathology, PSU4/02/102702A/B
Pediatric Neuromuscular Disease:  A Penn State PerspectiveAnthony Giordano, MDAssistant Professor, Dept. of Pediatric Neurology, PSU4/09/102702A/B
NO GRAND ROUNDS  4/16/102702A/B
Pediatric HeadacheDonald Lewis, MDProfessor of Pediatrics & Neurology, Children's Hospital of King's Daughters4/23/102702A/B
The Cutting Edge:  Emerging Trends in the Diagnosis and Treatment of EpilepsyJayant Acharya, MD, DMProfessor of Neurology, Director, Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, PSU4/30/102702A/B
Smell, Taste and EpilepsyVinita Acharya, MDAssistant Professor of Neurology, PSU5/07/102702A/B
Degenerative BackDan T.D. Nguyen, MD

Chief & Program Director of Neuroradiology, Associate Professor of Radiology and Neurosurgery, PSU

Diabetes and StrokeIan Simpson, PhDProfessor, Neuro & Behavior Science, PSU5/21/102702A/B
Exercise in Neurological DiseaseKevin Scott, MDAssistant Professor, Director, Clinical Neurophysiology/ Neuromuscular Program, PSU5/28/102702A/B
Adult and Pediatric Epilepsy SurgeryMichael Sather, MD Neurosurgery, PSU6/04/102702A/B
Clinical Case ConferenceRobert Michael Steadham, MDNeurology Resident, PGY-4, PSU6/11/102702A/B
Cortical Robotic ProstheticsGeoffrey S.F. Ling, MD, PhDColonel, Medical Corps, US Army, Professor & Vice Chair of Neurology, Uniformed Services Univ. of Health Sciences6/25/102702A/B