Neurology Grand Rounds 2013-2014, 1:00-2:00 p.m.


Topic Lecturer Title Date Room
No Grand Rounds     8/2/2013 2702A/B
Music & Brain Function Dr. Kerstin Bettermann Assoc. Professor, PSU 8/9/2013 2702A/B
Pathology and Biology of Medulloblastoma and Other Embryonal Neoplasms Charles Specht, MD Associate Professor of Pathology, Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery and Neurology,PSU 8/16/2013 2702A/B
Myasthenia Gravis: UnMuSKing a New Phenotype Gil Wolfe, MD, FAAN Irvin and Rosemary Smith Professor and Chair, Buffalo General Medical Center 8/23/2013 2702A/B
No Grand Rounds     8/30/2013 2702A/B
Expanding the Genetics of ALS & FTD Dr. Bryan Traynor NIH 9/6/2013 2702A/B
ALS-FTLD Prodrome: the Transition from Ladies and Gentlemen to Women and Men Claire Flaherty, PhD Assoc. Professor, PSU 9/13/2013


Dementia Care and the Law: From Powers of Attorney to Guardianships and Beyond Professor Katherine Pearson PSU, Dickinson School of Law 9/20/2013 2702A/B
New MS Treatment Dr. Aaron Miller Mt. Sinai, NY 9/27/2013 2702A/B
Capital Region Stroke Symposium     10/4/2013 2702A/B
The Eye - A Window to Cardio and Cerebrovascular Health? Mary Lott, PhD, MSN Assist. Prof. HVI, PSU 10/11/2013 2702A/B
M & M Conf. Drs. Wicklund, Good, Reid Dept. of Neurology, PSU 10/18/2013 2702A/B
Resident Case Pres. Derrece Reid, MD Resident, PSU 10/25/2013 2702A/B
Sports Concussion 2013 Pete Roy, MD Professor, Mt. Nittany 11/1/2013 2702A/B
MS Disability Research Elisabeth Lucassen, MD Assist. Professor of Neurology, PSU 11/8/2013 2702A/B
Advances in Cognitive Assessments & Treatments Paul Eslinger, PhD. Professor, PSU 11/15/2013 2702A/B
Stroke Research at Penn State Drs. Bettermann, Reichwein, Good, & Ermak Stroke Research Team, PSU 11/22/2013 2702A/B
No Grand Rounds     11/29/2013 2702A/B
Brand Necessary:  Biologics and Biosimilars Sol De Jesus, MD Resident, PSU 12/6/2013 2702A/B
Alzheimer's Disease: A Pictorial History Maya Lichtenstein, MD Resident, PSU 12/13/2013 2702A/B
M & M conf. Dr. Stephen Ross, Dr. Divisha Raheja, and Dr. Aaron Cochran Dept. of Neurology, PSU 12/20/2013 2702A/B
No Grand Rounds     12/27/2013 2702A/B
No Grand Rounds     1/3/2014 2702A/B
Cannabis and Epilepsy William Trescher, MD Chief of Pediatric Neurology, PSU 1/10/2014 2702A/B
No Grand Rounds     1/17/2014 2702A/B
Being Struck Through the Ages: From Hippocrates to Modern Stroke Care Kerstin Bettermann, MD, PhD Assoc. Professor, PSU 1/24/2014 2702A/B
Diaphragm Pacing in ALS Patients Raymond Onders, MD Professor of Surgery, Case Western Univ. 1/31/2014 2702A/B
Health Outcome Research Guodong Liu PHS, PSU 2/7/2014 2702A/B
Myasthenia:  A Journey Sankar Bandyopadhyay, MD Assistant Professor, PSU 2/14/2014 2702A/B
Vascular Fellow Pres. David Ermak, DO Vascular Fellow, PSU 2/21/2014 2702A/B
Cholesterol, Statin and Parkinson's Disease Xuemei Huang, MD, PhD Professor, Dept. of Neurology, PSU 2/28/2014 2702A/B
Neuromuscular Fellow Pres. Divpreet Kaur, MD NM Fellow, PSU 3/7/2014 2702A/B
Resident Case Pres. Ilya Levin, DO Resident, PSU 3/14/2014 2702A/B
M & M conf. Dr. Frank Gilliam and Dr. Sol De Jesus Dept. of Neurology, PSU 3/21/2014 2702A/B
Neurophys. Fellow Pres. Yadira Velazquez-Rodriguez, MD Neurophysiology Fellow, PSU 3/28/2014 2702A/B
Adaptive Neurotechnologies - Principles and Promise Jonathan Wolpaw, MD Chief, Lab Neural Injury & Repair Wadsworth Center NY, Univ. of NY 4/4/2014 2702A/B
An Interesting Case

Dr. Gary Thomas and

Dr. Richard Tenser

Dept. of Neurology, PSU 4/11/2014 2702A/B
The Evolving Clinical and Genetic Spectrum of the Hereditary Neuropathies  Richard Lewis, MD  Director, Electromyography Lab and Co-Director, Neuromuscular Clinic, Cedars-Sinai, CA  4/18/2014 2702A/B
Pharmacology of PD Richard Mailman, PhD Professor & COM Distinguished Senior Scholar, PSU 4/25/2014 2702A/B
No Grand Rounds (AAN)     5/2/2014 2702A/B
Neurology for Non-Neurologist     5/9/2014 2702A/B
We Know How to Treat CIDP, Now What? David Saperstein, MD Phoenix Neurological Associates 5/16/2014 2702A/B
No Grand Rounds     5/23/2014 2702A/B
Drug Resistant Epilepsy: Concepts and Management Jayant Acharya, MD, DM Professor of Neurology, Director of Epilepsy Comprehensive Unit 5/30/2014 2702A/B
Alternative Treatments to Prevent Systemic Embolism in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation Mario Gonzalez, MD HVI, PSU 6/6/2014 2702A/B
Neurology Poster Day     6/13/2014 2702A/B
Poststroke Motor Recovery David Good, MD Prof. & Chair, Dept. of Neurology, PSU 6/20/2014 2702A/B
M&M Conf.     6/27/2014 2702A/B