Neurology Grand Rounds 2014-2015, 1:00-2:00 p.m.


Topic Lecturer Title Date Room
Update on DBS for Parkinson's Disease David Charles, MD Chief Medical Officer, Vanderbilt Neuroscience Institute 7/25/2014 2702A/B
PM&R in the Neurosciences Continuum David Gater, MD Chair, PM&R 8/1/2014 2702A/B
M&M Conf.     8/8/2014 2702A/B
Cognition in Multiple Sclerosis Jeffery Wilken, PhD Neuropsychology Associates of Fairfax, VA 8/15/2014 2702A/B
Statin-Triggered Autoimmune Myopathy Andrew Mammen, MD, PhD NIAMS/NIH 8/22/2014 2702A/B
No Grand Rounds     8/29/2014 2702A/B
An Interesting Case Dr. Subramanian Neurology, PSU 9/5/2014 2702A/B
Ethical Issues in End-of-Life Care Zachary Simmons, MD Professor, PSU 9/12/2014


ProTECT Trial (Progesterone for TBI) Michelle Fischer, MD, MPH, FACEP Emergency Dept. PSU 9/19/2014 2702A/B
The Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APLS) Hamid Al-Mondhiry, MD Professor, Dept of Hematology, PSU 9/26/2014 2702A/B
Medical Education at PSU COM-Past, Present, & Future Milind Kothari, DO Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, PSU 10/3/2014 2702A/B
The Role of IVIg in the Treatment of Neuromuscular Diseases Marinos Dalakas, MD, FAAN Professor of Neurology (endowed Chair), Thomas Jefferson University 10/10/2014 2702A/B
Movement Disorder Research Dr. Subramanian Neurology, PSU 10/17/2014 2702A/B
Status Epilepticus and EEG Monitoring Dr. Jayant Acharya & Dr. Frank Gilliam Neurology, PSU 10/24/2014 2702A/B
No Grand Rounds     10/31/2014 2702A/B
M&M Conf. Various   11/7/2014 2702A/B
Status Epilepticus 2: Management Jayant Acharya, MD Dept. of Neurology, PSU 11/14/2014 2702A/B
Application of Bayes Rule in Medical Diagnosis and Elsewhere L. Michael Ladd, CFA, CAIA, CMT, CFP President & CIO, Financial Guidance Group, Coronado, CA 11/21/2014 2702A/B
No Grand Rounds     11/28/2014 2702A/B
Advocacy in Neurology Partha Thirumala MD, MS, FACNS Assoc. Professor, Univ. of Pittsburgh, President of PNS 12/5/2014 2702A/B
Expertise and the Expert Learner Daniel Wolpaw, MD Professor of Medicine & Humanities, PSU 12/12/2014 2702A/B
Advances in Neurostimulation for Epilepsy Vinita Acharya, MD & Michael Sather, MD Neuroscience, PSU 12/19/2014 2702A/B
No Grand Rounds     12/26/2014 2702A/B
No Grand Rounds     1/2/2015 2702A/B
An Interesting Case Divpreet Kaur, MD Dept. of Neurology, PSU 1/9/2015 2702A/B
State of the State: The Neurology of Legislation and Medicare Policy Brad Klein, MD, MBA Abington Neurological Assoc, Willow Grove, PA 1/16/2015 2702A/B
M&M Conf. Various PSU 1/23/2015 2702A/B
Pediatric Neurology: Essentials for the Adult Neurologist Deb Byler, MD Peds. Neurology, PSU 1/30/2015 2702A/B
Mentor-Mentee Relationships Sarah Bronson Assoc. Professor, C&M Physiology, PSU 2/6/2015 2702A/B
Recent Advances in Gene Therapy Kala Venkiteswaran, PhD Dept. of Neurology, PSU 2/13/2015 2702A/B
Progress in Disease Modification for Parkinson's Disease Mark Stahl, MD, PhD Assistant Prof. PSU 2/20/2015 2702A/B
Making Sense of the Literature Regarding Thrombectomy in Acute Stroke Scott Simon, MD Neurosurgery, PSU 2/27/2015 2702A/B
Imaging of Cranial Nerves Sangam Kanekar, MD Assoc. Professor, Radiology, PSU 3/6/2015 2702A/B
Penn - NeuroBowl 2015 Sankar Bandyopadhyay, MD Assistant Prof., Dept. of Neurology, PSU 3/13/2015 2702A/B
Business of Medicine Aiesha Ahmed, MD Dept. of Neurology, PSU 3/20/2015 2702A/B
Therapeutic Directions for Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy Paula Clemens, MD Univ. of Pittsburgh 3/27/2015 2702A/B
Achieving and Maintaining Seizure Control in Individuals with Partial-Onset Seizures: Key Tenets for Improving Patient Management Christopher Skidmore, MD Assist. Professor, Director, Neurology Residency, Thomas Jefferson Univ. 4/3/2015 2702A/B
Personalizing Care for Epilepsy

Dr. Frank Gilliam

Dept. of Neurology, PSU 4/10/2015 2702A/B
Protein Profiling of CSF and Neurological Disease James Connor, PhD Vice Chair Neurosurgery, PSU 4/17/2015 2702A/B
No Grand Rounds AAN   4/24/2015 2702A/B
No Grand Rounds Neurology for the Non-Neurologist   5/1/2015 2702A/B
M&M Conf. Various   5/8/2015 2702A/B
ACA for Physicians Thomas Godfrey, MD Dept. of Public Health, PSU 5/15/2015 2702A/B
Neuromuscular Fellow Presentation Derrece Reid, MD Fellow, PSU 5/22/2015 2702A/B
Doc, you are telling me what!? Patient-Doctor Communication: Why and How Mariel Davila Martinez, MD Resident, PSU 5/29/2015 2702A/B
Unusual Neuromuscular Cases Justin Kwan, MD Univ. of Maryland School of Medicine 6/5/2015 2702A/B
Neurology Fellow Pres. Valentyna Honchar, MD Fellow, PSU 6/12/2015 2702A/B
Neurology Resident Pres. Aaron Cochran, DO Resident, PSU 6/19/2015 2702A/B
Neurology Resident Pres. Vitaliy Zhivotenko, DO Resident, PSU 6/26/2015 2702A/B