Cranial Base Surgery

Cranial base surgery is an evolving and complex field within neurosurgery. This field involves surgery of tumors extending from the base of the skull into the head and neck region. These often-complex lesions involve regions of the head that are best treated by a team approach requiring a combination of expertise in neuroophthalmology, neurootology, head and neck surgery and cranial base neurosurgery. In addition, a familiarity with the anatomy and complexity of cranial base lesions is necessary. A combined medical, surgical, and oncological approach is necessary to provide the best treatment plan.

A dedicated team of cranial base surgeons, critical care specialists, and medical support staff is available at the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. In addition, we offer stereotactic radiosurgery in combination with traditional surgery when appropriate. This team approach is only possible with extensive cooperation across surgical fields and is essential to providing optimal patient care.