Leksell Gamma Knife® Icon Radiosurgery

What are the benefits of Gamma Knife radiosurgery?

Since no incision is made, the risk of surgical complications is low. The patient's head does not have to be shaved and side effects are few. Gamma Knife Icon offers both frame-based and frameless immobilization. The frame-based option can be used for accurate localization and treatment. Patients for whom fixed frame stabilization is not appropriate can be treated using Icon’s Online Adaptive DoseControl™, which integrates several features to ensure precise and accurate dosing in each treatment. A mask based immobilization solution is personalized for each patient. Treatment is much shorter than conventional surgery and causes only minor discomfort. Benefits with Icon include faster set-up and treatment delivery to multiple tumors in a single session, and the potential to treat lesions in areas not able to be reached by older models, including tumors in the sinuses, orbits, and upper cervical spine. Icon allows treatment of a wider range of targets faster and more efficiently than ever before. The radiosurgery system's unique radiation-focusing device ensures superior radiation delivery and accuracy while reducing the dose to unintended areas.

Also, the patient can leave the day of the surgery or stay overnight for observation, compared with several weeks for traditional surgery. The treatment is complete in one session and seldom takes more than an hour or two. The full effects of Gamma Knife surgery may not be seen for several months following treatment.


Penn State Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
500 University Drive, South Annex
Hershey, PA 17033

To schedule a visit, please call 717-531-8807, option 4, or Toll-Free 800-243-1455.

How is the procedure billed?

The Gamma Knife coordinator will obtain preauthorization for procedures. For more information on Patient Financial Services, please click here. For information about insurances that we accept, please click here.

How do I schedule my procedure?

After meeting with the neurosurgeon and radiation oncologist, the Gamma Knife coordinator will contact you to schedule your procedure. A tour of the facility will be provided at one of your appointments with the physicians. Neuropsychological testing may be required in some instances; this will be discussed with you at your appointment.

Where do I go on the day of my procedure?

Park in the south parking garage, and exit the garage to the South Annex (the door will be on your left immediately after exiting the elevator). Check in at the front desk at 6:00 a.m. unless otherwise scheduled by the Gamma Knife coordinator. Remember, you should have nothing to eat or drink after midnight, except for your medications. The only medications that should not be taken will be indicated by the Gamma Knife coordinator prior to your procedure. Also, please wear comfortable clothing with no  metal (i.e. no belts, jewelry other than wedding rings, metal objects in your pockets,  change or credit cards). Rings, underwire bras, blue jeans, and grommets in shoes/sneakers are allowed.

What should I bring to the procedure?

You may bring music to listen to during your treatment. We can accommodate iPods or CDs. As there is limited room, only one to two family members can be with you at a time prior to your treatment. Please keep all valuables at home.

Can I drive after the procedure?

No, you will need a driver to come with you to take you home after your treatment. As you pull into the south parking garage, there are reserved parking spaces on the left hand side for gamma knife patients directly across from the elevator. Please use these for the day; however we request that you use only one space per patient. If you have other family coming for your treatment, they may park anywhere else in the garage.