Pituitary Tumors

Tumors of the pituitary gland are very common, being found in as many as twenty percent of people. Most tumors need no treatment, but some tumors do. These benign tumors can cause problems by causing over- or under-production of various hormones, or by growing to a size large enough to compress surrounding brain structures.

The decision of whether or not to treat a pituitary tumor can be complicated, and the decision about the best way to treat the tumor can be even more difficult at times. Our neurosurgeons treat more pituitary tumors per year than ninety percent of other university hospitals in the country, and have gained a wealth of experience in the management of the complex disease. Medical, surgical, and radiation-based treatments are considered individually for each patient, and the treatment plan most appropriate for that individual is recommended and enacted at the Medical Center facilities.

If surgery is recommended, our neurosurgeons have developed a minimally invasive, low-risk surgical technique following which, patients are typically able to return to home after one or two nights in the hospital. Some have even gone home on the day of surgery.

Being diagnosed with a pituitary tumor can be frightening. Having your tumor treated doesn't have to be. The neuro-endocrine team at Penn State Hershey Medical Center can have you on the right track in no time.