Software: ONSET

Olfactory Network Stimulation Editing Tool (ONSET): A software for calculating the actual stimulation onset and duration vectors that are used for olfactory fMRI processing.

Since actual odor stimulation onset and duration occur only when the subject's inhalation overlap with the odor stimulation (the "on" periods) in the paradigm, the original stimulation paradigm is inaccurate for fMRI data processing. To use ONSET, the respiration trace data, odor delivery timing, and image acquisition timing must be recorded. The software automatically detects the actual onset of odor stimulation based on the timing of the paradigm and the respiration trace. The actual stimulation onset vector is defined as the start time of each effective inhalation during the odor delivery time. The effective inhalation is the inhalation during odor delivery. The respiration volume is the area under each inhalation and exhalation phase pair.

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