Software: RF Tools

RF_Tools is a group of MATLAB applications developed for determining electrical properties of tissues and saline for RF field simulations. The current version can interpolate the conductivity and permittivity of (i) biological tissues and (ii) saline from experimentally measured data [1, 2], as well as use published 4-Cole-Cole fits to the experimentally-measured tissue properties [1]. In many instances the measured data and the fits are not in good agreement, and thus we have included both to aid the user in making informed decisions. You can obtain conductivity and permittivity of 45 different biological tissues ranging in the field strengths from 10Hz to 20GHz.

RF_Tools was developed using MATLAB 2007b and Windows XP. Compatibility was checked on the MATLAB 2006b platform. Older versions of MATLAB were not tested, but may function except for the ‘print to printer’ and ‘print to PDF’ functions.


[1] Gabriel C. Compilation of the dielectric properties of body tissues at RF and microwave frequencies. Air Force material command, Books Air Force Base, Texas: AL/OE-TR-1996-0037; 1996.

[2] Herman P Schwan. Electrical properties of tissue and cell suspensions. Advances in Biological and Medical Physics. 1957;5:147-209.

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