Penn State Cancer Institute

The Penn State Cancer Institute Inpatient Unit has 36 beds dedicated to the adult oncology patient on the 7th floor of the main hospital.

  • The 7 Main Building West Unit is comprised of 15 patient rooms dedicated to the stem cell transplant patient.  It is specifically designed to care for the immunosuppressed patient through the installation of a HEPA filtered air system and automatic room door closures.
  • The 7 Main Building East Unit is comprised of 14 patient rooms with four dedicated rooms to care for the complex hematology patient or serve as stem cell transplant overflow.  These rooms are HEPA filtered with positive pressure ventilation and automatic room door closures. 
  • The 7 Main Building South Unit is comprised of 10 patient rooms.  A specially designed and equipped room has been built to care for our palliative/hospice care patients and families.
"Within the Inpatient Cancer Institute, direct care nurses have the privilege of caring for the oncology patient and their family from initial diagnosis to end of life. Because oncology patients require multiple treatment cycles, the direct care nurse has the opportunity to partner with patients and families in their care throughout their treatment course. Our oncology nursing specialty is a work of heart providing high tech and high touch care."  - Michelle Kopp, Nurse Manager

We care for a wide variety of patients, ranging from adolescent to older adult.  Our services include:

  • Hematology/Oncology
  • Stem Cell Transplant: Ablative and Non-Ablative Regimens
  • Research: Phase I through Investigator Initiated Protocols
  • High Dose Interleukin-2 Therapy

36 beds. 

Staffing decisions are based upon patient acuity.  Typically, it will be 1:3-4. 

Self-scheduling is available with a variety of shifts.  Nurses work with the scheduling committee and Nurse Manager to develop schedules that meet personal and professional needs within the confines of their hired position and scheduling guidelines of the unit. 

We offer a personalized orientation with dedicated preceptors.  Orientation components include:

  • ACLS
  • Chemotherapy/Biotherapy Education and Competency followed in 6 months with the ONS Chemotherapy/Biotherapy Provider Course
  • Stem Cell Transplant Education and Competency

Annual Demonstrated Competency in the Practice Area including:

  • Chemotherapy/Biotherapy
  • Stem Cell Transplant
  • Conscious Sedation

Many of our nurses hold specialty certification through the Oncology Nurses Credentialing Center (ONCC).  Certification in area of specialty is strongly encouraged and financially rewarded.  Clinical Ladder path is begun during orientation and encouraged and financially rewarded throughout the novice-to-expert continuum.

Candidates with hematology/oncology/stem cell transplant background, or those with strong medical/surgical experience and a desire to care for cancer patients. 

To speak with a Nurse Recruiter, please call (717) 531-5141 or email us at We welcome the opportunity to personally discuss employment opportunities.