Prenatal Care

Congratulations on your pregnancy.  The links on this page will take you to resources that will help you have a healthy pregnancy and prepare you for the arrival of your baby.

Centering Pregnancy

Penn State Women's Health is now an approved site for Centering Pregnancy. This new model of providing prenatal care is open to all pregnant women. You and your support person will be actively involved in your healthcare. Imagine no waiting at your visits, connecting with a community of friends, spending relaxed time with your provider, having the opportunity to talk about pregnancy-birth-parenting and time for open discussion for you to share your joys and concerns. Research shows the centering model to be a very effective way to receive prenatal care and that it may allow most patients TEN times more time with their provider. All sessions are scheduled in advance which will allow better planning and it eliminates waiting for appointments to start! Groups meet every 2-4 weeks for a total of 10 sessions beginning about 14-16 weeks. Please call the CareLine at 1-800-243-1455 to register or for more information on this program download the brochure. Limited spaces available so call today.

Childbirth Classes
The Childbirth and Parenting Preparation Program offers many educational opportunities. These include prepared childbirth classes, breastfeeding classes, and parenting classes. All of the classes are taught by registered nurses certified in childbirth education. Registration is required.

You and Your Baby
This booklet provides a brief overview of the health care and education provided by our physicians, certified nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, nurses and medical assistants.  It presents an overview of pregnancy and childbirth as well as information on your most common concerns. This text is also used in our Prepared Childbirth and Early Parenting education classes.

Pregnancy Newsletter
Expectant mothers and fathers can sign up for our free weekly Pregnancy eNewsletter. This weekly  enewsletter follows you through the various stages of pregnancy, offering timely tips, articles and practical interactive tools that can help take some of the worry out of this time in your life. Learn more about your baby's development, keeping yourself healthy and safe, and help plan for your new arrival.

Welcome Newborn
Penn State Hershey’s Welcome Newborn offers obstetric patients a great way to introduce their newborn babies to chosen loved ones over the Internet, right from the hospital, free-of-charge from

Get FREE messages each week on your cell phone to help you through your pregnancy and your baby's first year. Text4baby is an educational program of the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition.

Pregnancy Health Center
This interactive resource is full of important information designed to guide you through your pregnancy.

Prenatal Care Brochures

Preparing for Your Baby
Here are some helpful brochures and websites with information on things you can be doing now to get your home and car ready for your baby's arrival.

Pregnancy Complications