Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery (MIGS)

Laparoscopic Tubal Reanastomosis (Tubal Reversal)

Laparoscopic tubal reanastomosis is a minimally invasive approach to performing a tubal reversal.  The procedure involves re-approximating healthy tubal segments with a microsurgical technique by guidance with laparoscopy.

There are many factors that impact the success of the laparoscopic tubal reanastomosis such as female age, sterilization technique, length of time from the sterilization, and length of tube present at the time of surgery.  Overall, the pregnancy rates range from 45 - 80% at 12 months after surgery.  Most pregnancies occur within two years after reversal.

This procedure is often desired by patients who cannot undergo IVF or who desire more than one pregnancy.