Penn State Hershey Office of Faculty and Professional Development

The mission of the Office of Faculty and Professional Development is to support career and professional development across the academic continuum of the Penn State College of Medicine. A broad scope of programs are designed to benefit the whole academic community as well as to focus on the needs of particular groups.

The goals of the Office of Faculty and Professional Development are:

  • To promote individual development and advancement through programs designed to build and expand professional skills and knowledge.
  • To retain talented individuals within the College and Medical Center.
  • To engender a culture of mentorship throughout the campus.
  • To cultivate the next generation of academic leaders.
  • To engage faculty, staff and students in outreach programs and public service.
  • To reward and recognize faculty commitment to and excellence in education and outreach.
  • To be a resource for professional development within the University and College.
  • To create a national model for professional development programs within an academic health center.

Leadership Academy Program