Junior Faculty Development Program

The Junior Faculty Development Program (JFDP) provides a foundation for the success of junior faculty in the Penn State College of Medicine and Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.  Since its establishment in 2003, over 195 junior faculty have participated in the program, guided by almost 90 senior faculty mentors.  This flagship program is a model for faculty development programs nationally. 

The Program runs from September to May each year and consists of two components:

  • a comprehensive curriculum in topics on research, education, clinical, and academic/career development.
  • a project completed under the guidance of a senior faculty mentor. The individual project is identified by the participant, approved by their chair, and completed with the assistance of a mentor identified by the Program. The faculty mentors who participate in the program are recognized as members of the  Mentoring Academy.

The goals of the Junior Faculty Development Program are to:

  • promote the development and advancement of faculty of the Penn State College of Medicine through a program targeted to and tailored to the specific needs of junior faculty.
  • nurture and cultivate junior faculty to become the next generation of academic leaders.
  • support the retention of native faculty talent through opportunities and support to continuously build and expand professional skills.

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