Physician Assistant Student Elective Program

Our mission is to provide the highest quality patient care in an academic community that fosters an outstanding educational experience for physician assistants, and supports the pursuit of new scientific knowledge that will ultimately improve our treatment of musculoskeletal disease.

We provide a balanced educational exposure to all disciplines within the field of orthopaedics. You will spend one week on each of the core services to include: joint arthroplasty, sports medicine, trauma, shoulder & elbow, pediatric and ortho spine. The student will be required to take evening call one night a week and to attend morning conferences as assigned. Our primary goal is to allow the student the opportunity to obtain a diverse orthopaedic experience and to leave the rotation with a solid fundamental orthopaedic knowledge and physical exam.

We have a core group of six physician assistants who will oversee the student rotation. At the end of each week long rotation the staff will submit an evaluation for review. The final evaluation which will be submitted to the student/school will be a cumulative evaluation with input from each PA and will be filled out by the Orthopaedic Department PA Student Coordinator.

Regardless of your ultimate career aspirations, we are committed to your growth and development and helping you become an outstanding Physician Assistant. We appreciate your interest in our program and welcome the opportunity to share in your personal growth during your rotation.