Penn State Hershey Medical Center's Audiology Department offers complete care from infants to adults. We are the only area hospital which offers sedated auditory brainstem response testing for identification of hearing loss in infants. With pediatric patients, our goal is identification of hearing loss by 3 months of age and intervention/amplification by 6 months. This is a nationwide standard for all infants, as appropriate intervention provides access to audition, acquisition of speech/language, and development of social behaviors. 
Additionally, we provide hearing aid services for all ages including real-ear measurements, behavioral testing and subjective assessments for verification of fittings. We evaluate, program and manage bone anchored auditory implant (Baha) devices both for surgical or soft band options. Our clinic offers pediatric and  adult cochlear implant activation and programming for all 3 cochlear implant manufacturers. Our Cochlear Implant Team consists of a wide variety of physicians, Speech/Language Pathologists and other staff professionals for complete patient and family support.  We offer adult/pediatric cochlear implant support group meetings throughout the year. 

Audiology Services from birth to adults:

  1. Diagnostic Comprehensive Audiologic Evaluation, (i.e. tonal and speech audiometry).
  2. Middle ear assessment using multi- frequency tympanometry and acoustic reflex measures.
  3. Otoacoustic emission measurements (screening or comprehensive).
  4. Sleep deprived and sedated Auditory Brainstem Response testing.
  5. Sedated Auditory Steady State Response measures.
  6. Videonystagmography
  7. Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential
  8. Electrocochleography
  9. Electroneuronography
The Audiology Department is dedicated to teaching future audiologists. Audiology externs provide care in the clinic, NICU, children's hospital, support groups and volunteer settings while working under the supervision of the Audiologists. Externs obtain hands-on experience in all areas , and graduate with confidence and advanced clinical skills. The Audiology Department provides a full range of hearing and vestibular services to a diverse population, creating the ideal learning environment and enticing students from all over the country to apply each year. Our externs maintain the highest quality of care and professionalism while displaying respect and compassion to all.
We are Penn State Hershey Medical Center Audiology!

To schedule an appointment with Audiology, please call 717-531-6822.


Audiology Staff

  • Beth A. Czarnecki, Au.D., CCC-A, FAAA, Director of Audiology
  • Melissa Bankert, Licensed Hearing Aid Dispenser
  • Roxanne R. Hagenbuch, M.S.
  • Stephanie A. Milks, Au.D., CCC-A, FAAA
  • Aaron Roman, M.A., Audiology Extern
  • Mallory Snyder, Au.D.
  • Jessica Wagner, Au.D., CCC-A