Patient Resources

The Pain Management Center is located in spacious quarters in the University Physicians Center Suite 3300.

The initial visit and consultation may last about one hour and will include most of the following:

  •  Evaluations by physicians and nursing personnel
  • A detailed history
  • A detailed physical examination
  • Review of medical records and diagnostic studies
  • Determination of a treatment plan to include therapy directed toward a return to a normal, functional lifestyle and management of pain
  • Follow-up visit scheduled
  • Referral to appropriate medical specialists as indicated

Reimbursement Policies

Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center and University Physicians currently accept assignment for the following insurance carriers:

Other insurance usually accepted includes:

All non-covered services and all deductibles and co-payments are the responsibility of each patient. In some cases, fees may be requested at the time of service or before service is given.

The Pain Management Center is sensitive to the patient's needs and is willing to make payment arrangements on those balances due after insurance has paid. If there is financial hardship, the patient should request that a Financial Statement Application be sent to them by the University Physicians Professional Billing Office 717-531-5069 or 5071. Upon return of that application to the University Physicians Professional Billing Office, a determination will be made as to whether there should be special consideration as it relates to the patient's account.

Treatment for chronic pain requires active participation on the part of the patient.

In this program the patient is expected to:

  • Provide a current list of medications and dosages at every visit and take prescribed medicine in a responsible manner.
  • If you are scheduled for a procedure, you must provide a responsible escort who can drive you home afterwards
  • Give Pain Management Center staff and accurate assessment of progress between visits.
  • Provide accurate insurance information
  • Assume financial responsibility for the balance of charges not paid by the insurance carrier (Financial counseling is available upon request)
  • Keep all scheduled appointments and arrive in a timely fashion
  • Give clinic at least 24-hours notice if you must cancel an appointment. There may be a charge if you fail to notify us 24-hours in advance or if you do not show for your appointment.