Anatomic Pathology Program

Breast Elective Rotation

Rotation Director:
Bing Han, MD, PhD

Goals and Objectives:

By the end of the rotation, the resident will be able to:

  • Create a general diagnostic classification of the neoplastic and non-neoplastic pathologic abnormalities of the breast
  • Recognize the histologic features associated with benign breast lesions and malignant lesions.


  • Level of training: 6 months of surgical pathology or 12 months of oncology or radiology residency or 24 months of obstetrics/gynecology residency

Duration and Timing of the Rotation:

  • 1 month
  • A 2 week mini-rotation can be split with obstetrics/gynecology pathology upon approval of the rotation directors

Teaching Staff:

  • Bing Han, MD, PhD


  • Review of breast pathology glass slides while reading corresponding reference material in a breast pathology textbook.
  • Review of all extramural breast consults sent to Breast Pathology Unit for the month (preview each case and present description at signout with Dr. Han daily).
  • Review of all internal breast pathology consults sent to Breast Pathology Unit (preview each case and then present description at signout with attendings daily).
  • Review of all available large specimens of breast cases accessioned during the month (this requires co-ordination with the gross room staff and resident staff, including a daily review of the OR schedule and with a request to call or page upon arrival of selected large breast cases). These cases should be examined while being cut by the resident of the day, the slides previewed in coordination with the resident of the day, and then attend that portion of signout when possible (or request feedback from the resident of the day).
  • Review of the microscopic slides of most biopsies of breast cases accessioned during the month (this also requires coordination with the resident of the day, and attendance at signout when possible).
  • Collect cases that raise questions which need to be reviewed and answered at the multiheaded microscope with attendings.
  • Select slides for cases for Breast Tumor Board and present the cases under attending's supervision. Presentation of one case each week at surgical pathology conference during the rotation. Attendance at surgical pathology and gross pathology conferences weekly.
  • Discuss and initiate QI project or research project on breast pathology with attendings.


  • For non-pathology residents: Robbins and Cotran's Pathologic basis of disease (by Vinay Kumar, Nelso Fausto, and Abul Abbas), Chapter 12
  • For pathology residents: World Health Organization: Tumours of the Breast and Female Genital organs (edited by Fattaneh Tavassoli and Peter Devilee), portions related to breast, and Rosen's Breast Pathology (by Paul P. Rosen).

Method(s) of Evaluation:

  • Direct observation


Updated: 8/2015