Anatomic Pathology Program

Dermatopathology Elective


Rotation Director:
Klaus F. Helm, MD
Goals and Objectives:

Note:  The core competencies addressed by the goals and/or objectives are indicated by PC (Patient Care), MK (Medical Knowledge), PBLI (Practice Based Learning and Improvement), ICS (Interpersonal and Communication Skills), SBP (Systems Based Practice), and P (Professionalism).

By the end of the rotation, the resident will be able to:
  • Recognize the types of nevi (MK)
  • Be able to differentiate between nevus and melanoma (PC, MK)
  • Diagnose common skin tumors (PC, MK)
  • Recognize the basic patterns of inflammatory diseases (PC, MK)
  • Residents interested in dermatopathology will be expected to write a paper for potential publication.  (ICS, P, SBP)
  • Must be a senior resident in HMC Pathology program or a Dermatology resident.
Duration and Timing of the Rotation:
  • Two to four-week block or longer depending upon the interests of the resident.
Teaching Staff:
  • Klaus F. Helm, MD
  • Michael Ioffreda, MD

1.  Reading (MK)

  • Chapter 1 McKee Pathology of the Skin.
  • Chapters of McKee covered in weekly dermpath lectures.

2.  Unknowns (PBLI)

  • Residents are expected to study a box of unknown cases every week.

3.  Conferences (ICS, P)

  • The resident is expected to attend the weekly dermpath conference.
  • The resident will attend Dermatology consult conference, Dermatology grand rounds, and Patient conferences. (P, SBP)

4.  Sign Out

  • The resident will be expected to preview all of the dermpath cases received from within the hospital and attend both morning and afternoon sign outs.  (PC, MK, PBLI)

Method(s) of Evaluation:

  • Residents will be evaluated based on direct observation by faculty
  • After each rotation, residents will be evaluated by faculty in New Innovations