Other Special Curricula

Resident Training in Quality Improvement

Description of Training

Quality improvement (QI) is an integral and growing component of pathology practice in academic, community hospital, independent laboratory, and corporate settings. Therefore, resident training in QI must be provided to establish the knowledge and experience base needed for successful practice. The ACGME has espoused this goal as part of the core competency of Practice-Based Learning and Improvement, in which it is stated that “Residents are expected to analyze practice experience and perform practice-based improvement activities using a systematic methodology.” The department’s QI educational program is designed to provide residents with a broad-based didactic and experiential learning experience that covers all key elements of QI. QI material will be included in most of the clinical rotations and the Laboratory Management rotation, and will be supplemented by the learning activities described below: 

  1. Lectures: Lectures covering basic QI principles will be provided by our faculty in the core curriculum.
  2. Resident participation in QI meetings: Residents will be expected to attend at least two AP and 2CP QI meetings over the course of their residency.
  3. QI project: Each year, every resident will be expected to participate in a QI project. In the Spring, residents will present these projects as brief PowerPoint presentations at our departmental Grand Rounds. Residents will work with a faculty mentor who will assist in the planning and execution of the project. Projects should be well-circumscribed and can be focused upon quality issues, laboratory utilization, billing or compliance issues, or evaluation of sendout tests for possibly bringing in-house. Resident can choose from among existing projects that are ongoing in the laboratories, or can suggest a different project of their own construction. Approval of the project must be obtained from the section’s medical or scientific director, before embarking on the project. These projects will give the resident a chance to participate as a key member of a healthcare team working to improve laboratory and/or hospital processes.   


Medical or scientific directors of clinical laboratories, service chiefs, laboratory supervisors, departmental administrators.

Resident Evaluation

Residents’ QI presentations will be evaluated by residents attending the presentations, in order to provide constructive feedback.