Program Director

Melissa R. George, D.O. 
Pathology Residency Program Director

The Program Director:

  • Serves as an advisor to, and advocate for, the residents, and is available to listen to resident concerns and issues.
  • Has primary responsibility for resident recruitment (correspondence, telephone conversations, review of application materials, interviews, etc.).
  • Has primary responsibility for, and is the liaison to, the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP).
  • Oversees and coordinates the Annual Review of the Residency Program and maintenance of the Residency Manual.
  • Chairs the Pathology Residency Program Committee that oversees the curriculum, regulatory issues, and program development.
  • In conjunction with the Chief Resident, oversees the scheduling of resident rotations and call schedules.
  • Oversees the utilization of resident benefits including vacations, sick leave, maternity/paternity leave, and health benefits consistent with institutional and departmental policies.
  • Serves as liaison and arbitrator for problems involving residents which have not been solved at lower levels.
  • Coordinates resident, faculty, and program evaluations.
  • Meets semiannually with each resident to define career and training goals, and to plan for their next year's professional achievements and development.
  • Schedules and administers the annual in-service examination (RISE).
  • Determines and oversees the re-appointment or dismissal of residents.
  • Maintains continuing education and national involvement in programs related to pathology residency education.
  • Works to identify and recommend suitable candidates for the position of chief resident.
  • Oversees the weekly teaching calendar for residents (in conjunction with the chief resident).
  • Approves resident requests for attendance at national or regional meetings, and other expenditures of their allotted educational funds.
  • Administers the paperwork and official correspondence related to obtaining and fulfilling medical licensure requirements, obtaining medical staff and hospital privileges, deferment of student loans, letters of recommendation, verification of residency training, and eligibility and application for board certification examinations.
  • Maintains files for each resident relating to professional performance.
  • Oversees the completion of any questionnaires or surveys pertaining to the residency program.
  • Oversees and coordinates resident orientation.
  • Plans annual resident and alumni dinner and awards.
  • Is responsible for preparation for internal and external ACGME inspections of the residency program.
  • Maintains knowledge of current manpower, recruiting, and residency training issues at the national level.
  • Provides support and information for residents seeking post-residency fellowship and employment.
  • Directly supervises the functions of the Chief Resident.