Our charges reflect directly the cost of reagents, equipment, supplies and technical time, and are kept as low as possible.  The charges for the most commonly requested and simplest procedures follow:

PSU Investigator
Outside Investigator
Process & Embed (per block)
Re-embed Block (per block)
Decalcification (per block)
Sectioning/Paraffin (per slide)
Slide Included
Investigator Provides Slide
Sectioning/Frozen (per slide)
Slide Included
Investigator Provides Slide
H & E Staining (per slide)
PAS (per slide)
Masson Trichrome (per slide)
Toluidine Blue (per slide)
Gomori's Aldehyde Fuchsin (per slide)
Safranin O Staining (per slide)
Verhoeff Elastic (per slide)
Cresyl Violet (per slide)
IHC Staining (per slide)
Microscope Plus Slide (per slide)
Slide Storage Box (each)
LCM Membrane Slide (each)
LCM Adhesive Cap (each)
LCM Usage - assisted (per hour)
LCM Usage - unassisted (per hour)
Technician Labor (per hour)


Fee Schedule for Laser Capture Microdissection
There is a $35 hourly instrument use charge, in addition to which there is a $20 hourly research technician charge, for a total of $55/hour. The research technician helps to optimize dissection conditions, provides assistance cutting and staining sections, helps to select appropriate targets, and uses the laser to capture the tissue of interest. For some large projects, the investigator, with sufficient experience and technical proficiency (based on assessment by the research technical coordinator), may become adept in the use of the LCM equipment, such that the assistance of the research technician may eventually not be necessary (only the $30 hourly instrument usage charge then applies). Call or stop by for more detailed budget estimates.

   For histochemical stains, immunohistochemical reactions, LCM, nucleic acid extractions, please contact us. We     
   will be happy to provide estimates for charges, which are based upon actual technician time, reagents and