Specialty Services

Our pediatric infectious disease specialists evaluate and treat children with a variety of suspected and proven infectious diseases and a range of related problems, including:

Other areas of expertise include evaluation of international adoptees, vaccine and travel-related questions, and evaluation and management of immunodeficiencies. Our physicians are also available to assist with selection and interpretation of diagnostic testing and selection and monitoring of antibiotic therapy and to answer questions related to suspected or proven infections.

Pediatric/Perinatal/Adolescent HIV Program

Our Pediatric Comprehensive Care Program provides specialty care for HIV-infected and HIV-affected children and adolescents, and for HIV-exposed at-risk infants and their families throughout central Pennsylvania. The program provides state-of-the-art evaluation, screening, testing, and treatment. In addition, counseling, social service support, and community referrals to local resources are provided to children and families living with HIV.

Care is provided by a team of two experienced, pediatric infectious disease specialists, a nurse clinician, a social worker, and various outpatient support personnel. Ongoing communication and collaboration is maintained with the child's primary care pediatricians or family care provider. Team members provide outreach and education to families and community providers regarding HIV infection in women, infants, children, and adolescents.