Make an Appointment

Patients may contact office personnel by calling the following numbers. Phone calls will be returned within one business day:

  • Main Office 717-531-8882
  • New Patient Appointments - Please fax information to 717-531-0135
  • To change or make a routine or non-urgent follow-up appointment: 717-531-6807
  • Questions for an RN, sick child issues, teaching needs: 717-531-8882 (Option # 5)
  • Medication Refill: 717-531-8882 (Option # 4) for our 24 hour prescription refill line
  • Insurance authorization issues: 717-531-8882 (Option # 5) 

For non-urgent issues, email is the preferred mode of communication if you are able. Emails are usually answered within 1-2 business days. Please email, in the subject line type in the name of your doctor, physician assistant, or nurse you wish to contact. Keep emails brief and do not put secure information in the email.