Children's Hospital Research

Penn State Children's Hospital Research

Penn State Children's Hospital has a major commitment in research to improve understanding of disease mechanisms and to enhance treatment and prevention of childhood illnesses. Research at the Children's Hospital is actively supported by numerous scientific funding agencies and philanthropies including Children's Miracle Network and the Four Diamonds Fund, allowing us to make rapid advances. We have developed the Center for Host Defense, Inflammation, and Lung Disease Research (CHILD), Neonatal Development Collaborative, Penn State Health Pediatric Cardiovascular Research Center, Pediatric Clinical Research Office, Four Diamonds Pediatric Cancer Research Program, and the Pediatric Innovation Program.

Four Diamonds is supported by a thirty million dollar endowment.

The diversity of research includes basic science and clinical investigation in a wide spectrum of pediatric fields and involves the University Park campus. This research is key to the hope of reducing morbidity and increasing the success of treatment of many childhood diseases in the near future.