Postdoctoral Society

Penn State Hershey Postdoctoral Society (PSHPS)

We are excited that you have chosen Penn State University-Hershey to continue your educational and professional training. The Penn State Hershey Postdoctoral Society's mission is to enhance your postdoctoral experience here at Penn State. The Hershey campus is a part of The Pennsylvania State University (PSU). PSU has a total of 450 postdoctoral scholars and fellows university wide with approximately 110 postdoctoral scholars and fellows located on the Hershey campus.

Our Postdoc Society has 2 chapters: Penn State Hershey Postdoctoral Society-Hershey (PSHPS) and the second located at University Park at PSU's main campus. We help with both professional and personal development, providing workshops and information on various topics including goal setting, grant writing, and family issues. We also work with the Postdoctoral office to represent any and all postdoctoral issues to the university administration.

To help with professional development and encourage social interaction, we organize two primary events: Data and Dine and the Postdoc Family Picnic. Data and Dine is held in February and is an informal opportunity for postdocs to present their research to other postdocs and Penn State faculty while enjoying food and drinks. We invite all postdocs to present their research at this fun and relaxed event. Other social events such as Happy Hour, ice cream social and etc. are planned through the year.

This society exists by and for the postdocs. We are always looking for new and motivated members to join us to make our experience more enjoyable and represent our population. Please do not hesitate if you wish to participate, we would love for you to join us.

The information on the following pages is specific for postdocs. While this booklet is not a comprehensive listing of all information you will need, we hope it will provide a starting point for you as you begin to settle into your new home.

Please feel free to contact the PSHPS or the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs with any questions or concerns you may have.