Information about our Resident Mentor Program:
Message from the Training Director about Mentorship:
The purpose of mentorship for Penn State Hershey Psychiatry residents is to contribute towards their personal and professional growth and provide support during residency. Our expectation of mentorship for residents is combining elements of supervision, career-counseling and psychotherapy. In other words residents can talk about issues in their past or current personal lives confidentially, yet it is not under psychotherapy contract. They can discuss difficult patients or their difficulties with patients; Identifying counter transference patterns and linking it to their personality. On other hand frustrations regarding residency experience can be shared with the goal of problem solving and if not that then at least emotional expression of it (we know we are not perfect). Professional goals and ambitions can be addressed matching them with opportunities that exist in different settings of mental health. Mentor as a senior and more experienced colleague can also be used as a sounding board.
Message to our residents about Mentors:
A mentor is a senior colleague in your profession whom you can go to for the purpose of sharing and growing. It is not a psychotherapy session and is not supervision, but may involve aspects of both. Mentoring is a less formal interaction than supervision. It may include you “venting”, and sharing your concerns with your mentor, and your mentor giving helpful advice, and guidance. It is a confidential relationship to discuss problems in a therapeutic and practical manner. The mentor and resident can share about themselves professionally and personally. It is an opportunity to share life difficulties, difficulties with residency and your own personal struggles and a chance to better understand yourself. It is not limited to the above description, however it is a time that the resident should look forward to going and meeting with his or her mentor.
General Information:
  • Mentor and resident should meet on a regular basis over the course of a year
  • Resident will choose his or her mentor and contact his or her mentor to set up an initial mentorship meeting
  • Additional meetings can be arranged between the mentor and resident