Community Treatment

The Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Team is designed to serve adults with serious and persistent mental illness. Using a rehabilitative and recovery approach to service delivery, ACT incorporates recovery principles and aspects of assertive community treatment. The ACT program is intended for "high need" consumers 18 years of age or older who have a serious and persistent mental illness and who have been unsuccessful in more traditional clinic-based mental health treatment.  Services are coordinated with local county-based referral agencies.

The multidisciplinary ACT team consists of the psychiatrist, resident, therapist, social service personnel, case managers, and trained nurses. The team provides supportive counseling, case management, concrete services, assessments and evaluation, 24/7 mobile crisis assessment and intervention, nursing, medication administration, monitoring and Documentation, medical education and case management, obtaining the basic necessities of education, basic life skills, therapy, group therapy, support and training, as well as development and support of social and relationship networks. Residents in this rotation develop the skills to participate in the role of the psychiatrist on an assertive community treatment team. The residents develop a deeper understanding of the delivery of mental health care via the recovery mode by utilizing pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy and crisis intervention with chronic patients.