Child and Adolescent Fellowship

Child Fellows Testimonials

The child psychiatry fellowship program at Penn State has trained me very well. I totally feel confident to treat any psychopathology including autism spectrum disorder, development delays and eating disorders. The best thing about the program was the highly qualified faculty and supportive staff. We were blessed to have a program director who was so approachable and always willing to accommodate your wishes to get the best training. Her open mindedness and enthusiasm for work always inspire you to learn more. Apart from work, I totally enjoyed the wonderful company of other residents and fellows. They all were like a family and very supportive of each other. I always cherished the time spent at Penn State and feel proud to be a graduate of Penn State.

- Richa Aggarwal, M.D.

A fellowship Program with an eclectic mix of faculty and curriculum that brought the best out in me. I really enjoyed the accessibility to faculty. Program main strength is its faculty.

- Jitendra Annapareddy, M.D.

Great Program. Great experience in multiple areas of Child Psychiatry. In short, this Program gets you ready to practice independently soon after training.

- Nidhi Gupta, M.D.

I have truly enjoyed the amazing array of wonderful educational opportunities provided to us here at Penn State Hershey.

- Lance Feldman, M.D.