Clinical Studies

Volunteers Needed

There are many research studies available for which you may consider volunteering.

Why Volunteer for a Study?

Many medical discoveries have been made due to the help of volunteer participants in medical research. Studies involving radiographic imaging are being performed at Penn State Hershey. Your participation in one or more studies is important to the advancement of medical knowledge and patient care. These new therapies and technologies may benefit you or someone close to you.

Length of Your Visit

The time you spend depends on the particular study in which you are involved. It could vary from 15 minutes to several hours. 

Participant Resources

Use these websites for more information on clinical research trials and participation:


A service of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, is a registry and results database of publicly and privately supported clinical studies of human participants conducted around the world. Learn more about clinical studies and about this site, including relevant history, policies, and laws.


CenterWatch is the leading trusted source for global clinical trial information.

·         Clinical Trials Office - Patient Resources

The Penn State Hershey Clinical Trials Office provides support to patients and researchers

·         HSPO Research Subject Information - Should I take part in a research study?

The Penn State Hershey Human Subjects Protection Office has put together a nice guide outlining some details about being a research volunteer


Current Studies

There are many IRB approved ongoing studies in the Department of Radiology. Some are industry sponsored clinical trials, and others are department funded research projects.