Program Curriculum

Each academic year runs from July 1st to June 30th.  Each year is divided into thirteen 4-week blocks.  The following are the anticipated rotations and the number blocks for each academic year.   



Cardiology (1) Obstetrics-Gynecology (2)
Emergency Medicine (1) Pediatrics (2)
Family Medicine Inpatient (2) Sports Medicine (1)
General Surgery (1) Elective/"Stew" (1)



Emergency Medicine (1) Night Float (1)
Gynecology (1) Pediatrics (1)
Hospitalist (2) Sports Medicine (1)
ICU (2) Elective/"Stew" (3)



Chief Resident (2) Practice Management (1)
Emergency Medicine (1) Elective/"Stew" (4)
Dermatology (0.25) Endocrinology (0.25)
Practice Management (0.5) Electives (3)

In addition to rotations, residents will participate in various lectures, journal clubs, and conferences.



Elective options will be based on academic year and consent of the Program Director and/or Coordinator. Options include:

Critical Care Nephrology
Dermatology Ophthalmology
Ears-Nose-Throat Rehab
Endocrinology Rheumatology
Global Health Sports Medicine
Hematology/Oncology Women's Health



"Stew" is a 1-week combination of half day experiences residents have various times throughout the year. Examples of educational topics during "Stew" include:

Community Medicine Psychiatry
Dermatology Pulmonology
Ears-Nose-Throat Ophthalmology
Home Visits Women's Health


Please Note:  Curriculum is subject to change as we arrange the optimum educational experiences for residents.  Individual resident schedules will vary.